My Mother-In-Love

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother-In -Love.  She is a wonderful lady!!! We all love her so much and enjoy when she makes us laugh.  We hope you have a great birthday today.  Remember, you have 55 more coming. LOL!!! Love you!

Beatrice Caroline Holmes

Today is a great day!!!! Beatrice Caroline is 1 year old! Lets all put on our party hats and eat cake!!!! Happy Birthday, Beatrice Caroline!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!

Living Life...

Well, we have begun another week and "thankfully" my husband is home this week. YAY!!! We are (hopefully) getting to the end of his going to Houston, Texas for work.

We came through a fun, crazy weekend ~ Missions Week~ at our church. We had our International picnic on Saturday, then on Saturday afternoon, we headed down to Knott's Berry Farm, for the "Gospel Showcase." We got to hear loads of super good Gospel Music!!! Here are a few ~ James Fortune, Hezakiah Walker, Dorinda Clark Cole, Kurt Carr, Shekinah Glory Ministries, and Tye Tribbett. Also, the host of the event, Stevie Wonder was there and came out on stage and sang with Dorinda and then introduced Tye Tribbett. It was an extremely great experience! We had a great, exhausting day!!!!

Then Sunday was a great day. We had great services in both 2nd session Spanish Speaking, and on Sunday Evening. We had Missionary Linder from Mexico with us in all of our services. In the 2nd session service, we had a girl receive the Holy Ghost.

We are so excited about all that God is doing!!!!

My Mother

Today, We celebrate our Mothers and I want my mom to know how special she is to me. This is the first year to be apart on Mother's Day, but you are close in my thoughts. I love you so much and will forever be thankful for a Godly Mother the guided me through the tender years of life, preparing me for the path the was laying ahead. Being a constant friend and loving mother for all of my life. Thank you, Mom!