Our new venture!

Well, on February 28, 2010, my husband and I started a very exciting phase in our life. We started evangelizing full-time. Our first weekend was in Yuma, AZ with Pastor Jerry Rowell. We had wonderful, impacting services on that weekend. A great move of the Holy Ghost and a young mother-to-be received the Holy Ghost. Her husband had just been deployed overseas and she was about a month away from having her baby. She received a glorious experience, drunk on His new wine, the Holy Ghost!

The following Sunday, we began revival in Texarkana, Texas, with Pastor Jason Calhoun. We had a wonderful series of services in Texarkana. God doing a great work with the youth of Landmark Tabernacle. We were there for three weeks and on the last weekend, there was a gentleman in his 60's that came to church with his sister, a faithful saint of God. He had just been released from prison, after serving many, many years from being a KKK member. He was diagnosed with cancer, and they sent him home for his last few weeks/months of life. On that Sunday night, the Lord filled him with the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost. His smile lite up his entire face. He was so happy, for once in his life. He testified, that after all of his searching throughout his life, he had never found anything like this before and he was so thankful!

March 28, we started revival in Sebastopol, MS with Pastor Mark Copeland. We are seeing a great moving of God through the entire church, but especially focused on the youth of Pine Grove Pentecostal Church. We have been there for a month and are looking forward to all that the Lord has in store for the weeks ahead at PGPC. They in the process of building a beautiful building that is a landmark for truth!
For pictures of their new building and more, go to www.pcpg.net