Our Baby is One Month

Our amazing little guy is ONE MONTH!!!
What a little miracle! He has changed our life.
He has his own special personality, and sweet smile.
We are so thankful for God's wonderful gift that He has given.
He has grown so much, and is getting so big!!!

Max is Three Weeks

WOW! It has been three weeks since the wonderful Max Alexander White came to join our family. We have had a wonderful three weeks, enjoying, and loving our new baby boy. He is sleeping better, almost all night through.

I was finally able to post a slide show of all the pictures around his birth.


Baby Max Alexander is 1 Week

One week has passed, and I can't imagine life without Baby Max! He is such a joy.

We went to the hospital on July 27, at 5:30am to prepare for the arrival of our little boy. He was born at 8:02am. What an amazing feeling, to finally see your child for the first time. We stayed at the hospital for two days, before returning home. We were so glad to have both Mimi and Papa Davies and Mimi D and Papi White visit us, as well as Uncle Matt and Aunt Tiffany Davies, Savannah and Olivia, Aunt Mandie Holmes, Benson and Beatrice,, and Uncle Matt White, we did miss not getting to see Aunt Chantelle or Uncle Nate.
Somewhere in those first few days, Baby Max got his days and nights mixed up. So, you can imagine the kind of nights that we are experiencing! LOL! Oh the joys of a new baby! (I wouldn't trade it for anything) He has filled out and is looking like the well fed, chubby baby, that I always dreamed having. I am a very blessed Mommy!

Thank you everyone for your comments!

(So sorry for no pics, they will not upload correctly. Any tips?)