The Next Step...

As most of you all know, my husband and I have been evangelizing for the past year and a half. We have had a great time, and have enjoyed getting to see different parts of the country and be in great churches all over. However, through the past few months, we began to feel like a change was coming, and we would be settling down soon.

This past week, on Wednesday evening, the church in Petaluma/Rohnert Park, CA voted my husband in as their Pastor. The vote was unanimous. We are very excited about this next step, and all that God has for us, and the church here in Petaluma/Rohnert Park.

We appreciate your prayers as we enter this new aspect of ministry. I will be posting pictures of this area as soon as I am able.

Max's first trip to Disneyland

We were so excited to get to go to Disneyland with Mimi D this week. This was Max's first time, and we had a great time and made wonderful memories. Below are a few pictures of our fun time. Enjoy~

My favorite ride!!!!

Max's first ride on the carousel

Max and Mommy in Mickey Mouse's car.

Nolan Rowell and Max

Mimi D and Max in Toon Town

Max's favorite ride!

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Max's 1st Birthday Party at Mimi D's house

We are in LA for a few days spending some time with Poppi and Mimi D, so Mimi D wanted to throw a party for Max. We all had a great time celebrating!!!! Thank you to everyone that came, for the gifts and for making the party extra special! We love you all!!!
Enjoy the pictures~

Party favor boxes.

All his gifts!

Enjoying his cupcake.

Poppi holding Max and Bethany

His sports car from Mimi D and Poppi.

Opening gifts

Having fun in his car.

Tired Max after his fun party!

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Max's 1st Birthday Party!

Max had a wonderful 1st Birthday. We drove to Oregon and spent the week with Papa and Mimi Davies. We had a special day, ended with a party at Red Robin. He got spoiled with a lot of new toys. Happy Birthday to my big boy, Max Alexander!!!

Cousins, Savannah and Olivia Davies

He's ready to go!

He's not sure what to do.

Bunny Ears!

Happy Birthday to you...!!!!

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