Valentines Day

Dinner with our parents
My Valentine and I
PJ driving the "Duffy" boat!
He is having to much fun!!!
Valentines Day was so wonderful and relaxing!!!  See, it all started back at our wedding in October.  We gave Mom and Dad White a nights stay to the Balboa Bay Club and Resort.  Then, PJ got the wonderful idea that we could go together on Valentines Day Weekend, so he started making plans.  We drove over on Friday afternoon.  We got stuck in a traffic jam and it took 3 hours to get there! UGG!!! ANYWAY!!!  We got there and went to dinner with Mom and Dad, and had a great time! 

Saturday morning, Mom and I went to the spa and had a relaxing time.  Then we met the men for breakfast.  A wonderful breakfast at the hotel, then we went out on the Duffy boat.  It was so relaxing and fun.  For most of us anyway,  I think Mom was about to have a heart attack, with PJ driving.  She gave him helpful driving directions!!! LOL!!!  After the Duffy ride, we went shopping and had a great time.  After shopping, Mom and Dad headed home, and PJ and I went back and started planning our "Valentines Evening".  We had no reservations, so PJ got creative and went and got the Duffy boat again and we went and got take-out and had a romantic dinner on the water in our Duffy boat.  We had a great time!!!!

We got up Sunday morning and came back to church!

The Biggest Day of Our Life

Tuesday, February 10, 2009, PJ and I celebrated 4 months of wedded bliss!!!! AHHH!!!
It is amazing being married to my best friend in the whole wide world!!!!!! He is an absolute gift from GOD! Many of our friends may not know this, but I prayed 4 years that God would put us together perfectly!!! And... HE DID!!! Those of you who think those kind of prayers are in vain, think again! Just keep praying, God is listening and working in your situation! That is what God did for PJ and I. He brought us together at the PERFECT TIME! We are so thankful that we waited and didn't try to bring it together ourselves, as much as we wanted to at the time!!!

NOW, Some Pictures of OUR BIG DAY, and My BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ~ My Husband!!!


Well, what a thrill, my husband and I got annual passes to Disneyland for 2009!!! So, I took advantage of my pass, and grabbed one of my favorite people, and headed to Disneyland for a big day at the Park!!!! Yay!!!! Alicia and I went to both Disneyland and California Adventure and had an absolute blast. I'm in LOVE with ROLLER COASTERS, so we rode "screamin' California" 4 times and I was headed back again, but Alicia was finished!!! LOL! I also fell in love with the Hollywood Tower of Terror!!! OH MY WORD!!! We had a great day... churros, frozen lemonade, hanging out together!!! AHHHHH

The only thing that was missing was PJ. He has been working in Texas Monday through Friday for about 5 months. UGH!!!!! Thank God! It is all over now. I have my husband back, YAY!!!

So, now I can go to Disneyland anytime that I can convince one of my friends to take a day off work and go with me!!!! I'm a diehard, I could go all the time....