Max is 11 months

We are having a great time with our growing boy, Max Alexander. He is 11 months this past Monday. Here are a few pics of our big boy~

Fun times with Poppi & Mimi D!!!

Enjoying loves from Mimi!

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Fun Times in LA!

We flew out to Los Angeles to spend some time with family. We are having a great time. Here are a few pictures~

Mimi D is spoiling our little Max!!!!

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Life with our sweet Max

Here are just a few random pictures of Max. He is quite the character. Below is a picture of him Sunday night, watching everyone worship(he was very intrigued).

Below, he is doing his favorite thing-standing. All he wants to do is stand these days. LOL!

His Mimi D got him some musical instrument toys a few months back, and he is enjoying making a "joyful" noise. (and driving mommy crazy)

His first taste of a Popsicle, and it was a bit to cold for him. (look at that face! LOL)

We have been driving a lot lately, and he has been such a trooper about being in his car seat so much. Poor thing!!! He is always smiling though!!!

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Revival in Durham, NC

We were in Durham, NC for two weeks. We had a great time, and wonderful revival! Several baptized and received the Holy Ghost. We enjoyed our time with Bishop Johnny Godair and his sweet wife.

We also enjoyed being in service at their Spanish speaking church, with Bro. and Sis. Jesse Galindo.

We were so honored to get to be in service with Pastor Kenny Godair, in Burlington, NC, while in the area.

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