Savannah is 6!

Happy Birthday to Savannah Davies, my oldest niece.
She is six years old. Time flies!!!! I love you Savannah!!!

Your Auntie Meg

Max is Three Months Old

Max Alexander is three months old, and growing like crazy!
At his Doctor appointment last week, he weighed 13lbs, 15oz,
24inches long, head diameter ~16 centimeters. He is in the 75th percentile.
We have a "BIG" little guy!!! LOL!!! He is beginning to laugh, coo, and talk.
He has started trying to roll over, and sit up. He is such a joy!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband!!!!
I love you!!!!

Two Years Today

Just two short years ago today, I married the most wonderful, handsome man, my best friend.
What an amazing experience, getting to live your dream....

Max Had Pictures Taken

Max's Dedication

Ten Weeks Today!

Our Baby Boy is two and a half months old! What an incredible experience, being parents. He is smiling, cooing, and changing so quickly. What a miracle!!!!