Well, what a thrill, my husband and I got annual passes to Disneyland for 2009!!! So, I took advantage of my pass, and grabbed one of my favorite people, and headed to Disneyland for a big day at the Park!!!! Yay!!!! Alicia and I went to both Disneyland and California Adventure and had an absolute blast. I'm in LOVE with ROLLER COASTERS, so we rode "screamin' California" 4 times and I was headed back again, but Alicia was finished!!! LOL! I also fell in love with the Hollywood Tower of Terror!!! OH MY WORD!!! We had a great day... churros, frozen lemonade, hanging out together!!! AHHHHH

The only thing that was missing was PJ. He has been working in Texas Monday through Friday for about 5 months. UGH!!!!! Thank God! It is all over now. I have my husband back, YAY!!!

So, now I can go to Disneyland anytime that I can convince one of my friends to take a day off work and go with me!!!! I'm a diehard, I could go all the time....

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Leeshers said...

Disneyland was soooo much fun with you:)Yep I was done after 4 times of screamin Califoria... AAAHHHH... But I did have tons of fun ridin in the front:)I had a blast not only that day but the two weeks before... I had sooo much fun at your house and eating tons of cookies and "guagamolly"...oooo and all the laughin we did too!!!YOur my favorite cook!!!!I LOVE YOU MEG!!!!