Valentines Day

Dinner with our parents
My Valentine and I
PJ driving the "Duffy" boat!
He is having to much fun!!!
Valentines Day was so wonderful and relaxing!!!  See, it all started back at our wedding in October.  We gave Mom and Dad White a nights stay to the Balboa Bay Club and Resort.  Then, PJ got the wonderful idea that we could go together on Valentines Day Weekend, so he started making plans.  We drove over on Friday afternoon.  We got stuck in a traffic jam and it took 3 hours to get there! UGG!!! ANYWAY!!!  We got there and went to dinner with Mom and Dad, and had a great time! 

Saturday morning, Mom and I went to the spa and had a relaxing time.  Then we met the men for breakfast.  A wonderful breakfast at the hotel, then we went out on the Duffy boat.  It was so relaxing and fun.  For most of us anyway,  I think Mom was about to have a heart attack, with PJ driving.  She gave him helpful driving directions!!! LOL!!!  After the Duffy ride, we went shopping and had a great time.  After shopping, Mom and Dad headed home, and PJ and I went back and started planning our "Valentines Evening".  We had no reservations, so PJ got creative and went and got the Duffy boat again and we went and got take-out and had a romantic dinner on the water in our Duffy boat.  We had a great time!!!!

We got up Sunday morning and came back to church!


Vicki Brown said...

Sis. Megan, I'm so glad I ran across your blog. It's just darling!
Welcome to So Cal! :-)
Bro. B. was just saying the other day how we've got to get with you guys. How about meeting at Disneyland sometime?
Hope to hear from you soon! God bless, Sis. Vicki Brown

Mary Frances said...

I would LOVE to hear how God brought you guys together!!!