Our Honeymoon

We had an unbelievable time traveling to Spain. Relaxing in Barcelona and soaking in the culture. We enjoyed eating tapas, while sitting outside in the nice cool weather. It was absolutely beautiful in Barcelona. We spent four days in Barcelona, before flying to Mallorca Island.

We arrived on Mallorca Island, only to realize that this was going to be super relaxing and restoring. If you ever have the chance to go to Spain, don't miss Mallorca Island. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! We stayed at the St. Regis Resort and had a blast! We rented a Mini Cooper one day and took a road trip into the mountains. All the roads were overlooking the Mediterranean and we saw exotic animals eating off to the side of the road all along the way. We had the time of our lives. After four days, we were headed back to the airport to fly home. We were so rested and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!


Leeshers said...

AWW Meg, I wish I could go to Spain... It looks like you had a blast!!! Love ya!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You and PJ are such a darling couple. Love ya both!

Matt said...

Megan, this is so cool. I love all the pictures of you guys, your honeymoon, and all the kids! Love you guys:)


Chantelle White said...

Hi Megan,

Love the new blog so far! :) Spain looks awesome. I think Matt and I would love it there. It's on the "someday" list for sure.

Love ya!

EliChloee said...

Hi Megan! You have a very cute blog :) We are so glad that P.J chose you as his bride...It looks like the two of you had a lot of fun in a beautiful country:) Luv ya!

vivian_yvette said...

Hi Megan!

I love the new blog! And your love story is so romantic *sigh* lol =) I am so happy for the both of you! We love, love, love having you in Burbank!

Love you!

Megan and PJ said...

Thank you all for signing in to our blog!!! We love you all so much. I'm so glad that I'm in Burbank - I LOVE it here!!!!! Keep checking back....

Love you all!!!!

PJ and Megan

Chrissy said...

Hi Megan! I LOVE your blog -- it's so adorable, and I love the pics of you and PJ -- they're too CUTE!! Spain looks absolutely beautiful, and I'm thrilled that you love it here in Burbank because you're a blessing to us all! I'm so excited to see where God is taking you and PJ!! Love you both immensely!

Sis. Chris (EliChloee's mom)!