Enjoying the West Coast

We arrived in California on Saturday morning. We drove to Sacramento to drop off our trailer, and got on a plane that evening headed to Oregon. We had a great time last Sunday with my family in McMinnville, OR. Tuesday, my husband flew to Ohio to preach at the Akron Youth Conference, so Max and I were able to stay a few extra days with my parents. We have been having a great time!!! Below are a few picture of this week-

Our big boy is constantly wanting to stand.

Here is an example of the good weather I have been enjoying!

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Nembro said...

Megan! I've been checking your blog to see new pictures of Max, the most precious little baby boy I know! I don't want him to grow up -- I want him to stay at this stage! LOL! I soooo envy your weather -- that's my kind of weather! Please tell PJ hello and, again, I really miss you all!

By the way, this is Sis. Chris Tarazon, not Nembro -- it's just his sign-in name!